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Warranty, Exchange, Return & Refund Policy

Last updated : 28/04/2024


1-year (365 calendar day) is provided for the purchase of any product from us. The warranty covers hardware and software issues not caused by customer negligence. The warranty will be voided if the product is damaged as per the scenario set out herein, i.e., water damage, drop damage, screen pressure-related issues, broken warranty seal, or ordinary wear and tear.

The warranty will begin from the day of purchase of the product, this day will be regarded as day 1 of the warranty.

For products which are still within the warranty period, any repair cost will be free of charge, subjected to the result of inspection by our technicians.

You are responsible for keeping the receipt as proof of payment for the warranty.

The warranty also extends to all 3Ccat purchases as well 

Examples for warranty voided scenario are as follows:

1. Water Damage:

Our warranty does not cover damages incurred due to exposure to water or any other liquid. Instances such as accidental submersion, exposure to rain, or liquid spills will cause the warranty to be voided. For example, if a device is found to have water damage, the warranty will be voided.

Example Scenario: "Accidental Submersion"

A customer mistakenly drops their smartphone into a pool while taking a photo. Upon retrieval, the device exhibits signs of water damage, such as malfunctioning buttons, distorted display, and erratic behaviour. The warranty will be voided in this scenario due to exposure to liquid.


2. Drop Damage:

Any damage resulting from accidental or intentional drops or impacts will not be covered under the warranty. This includes but is not limited to cracked screens, dents, or any impairment caused by the dropping of the device. For example, if a phone's screen is cracked due to a fall, it falls outside the scope of our warranty coverage.

Example Scenario: "Impact from a Fall"

A user accidentally drops their phone while rushing to catch a bus. The impact resulted in a cracked screen and impaired functionality. Since the damage is a direct consequence of a fall, it falls outside the scope of the warranty coverage.


3. Screen Pressure-Related Issues:

Our warranty excludes damages caused by excessive pressure applied to the screen or display area. This includes situations where undue force resulted in cracks, distortions, or malfunctions of the screen or display area. For instance, if pressure applied to the screen leads to visible damage or performance issues, will not be covered under the warranty.

Example Scenario: "Excessive Force Applied"

A customer applies excessive pressure to the phone screen while attempting to clean it with a sharp object, causing visible cracks and distortions to the display. This type of damage, resulting from inappropriate handling, will not be covered under the warranty.


4. Warranty Seal Broken:

Additionally, please note that any evidence of the warranty seal being broken or tampered with will result in the voiding of the warranty. The warranty seal is in place to ensure the integrity of the device. If the seal is broken, it indicates potential unauthorized access or alterations, leading to the nullification of warranty coverage.

Example Scenario: "Unauthorized Device Opening"

A customer, attempting to troubleshoot an issue, decides to open the device's casing, breaking the warranty seal in the process. After discovering a technical problem beyond their expertise, the customer contacts customer support for warranty service. However, the broken warranty seal indicates that the device has been opened without authorization, leading to the voiding of the warranty. Unauthorized access to the device's internal hardware, evidenced by the broken seal, is not covered under our warranty terms.


5. Ordinary Wear and Tear:

Our warranty does not cover damages resulting from ordinary wear and tear. This includes expected deterioration of the device over time due to regular use. Examples of ordinary wear and tear may include minor cosmetic scratches, fading of colours, or slight performance changes consistent with the device's normal aging process. While we stand by the quality of our products, you will not be eligible for our warranty service for ordinary wear and tear of the products.

Example Scenario: "Battery Performance Over Time"

Over the course of several months, a customer notices a gradual decrease in their device's battery performance. While the device initially provided extended usage between charges, the customer now observes a shorter battery life. This change is attributed to the ordinary wear and tear of the battery, a common occurrence with lithium-ion batteries over time.


Subject always to review and final decision by our management, you may approach us to exchange the products that you have purchased from us (via our Website/Apps or retail stores) with products of similar make and model within a period of 30 days commencing from the date you placed your purchase with us. Our ability to offer you products of similar make and model is subject to the availability of stock that we have during the 30-days period. We will inform you if more than 30 days are required for us to obtain the products that are required to fulfil your request for exchange or if we are unable to fulfil your request for exchange due to unavailability of stock.

If you wish to request for exchange of products, please:

  •  ensure that the products that you purchased are returned to us in its original condition and packaging (with 3cat seal remains intact) and in the same state when we delivered the products to you; and
  •  produce a valid receipt or proof of purchase.

If you meet all the requirements above and you wish to proceed with the return, please have your receipt or proof of purchase ready and simply visit the relevant retail stores or contact our customer service team on WhatsApp. Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

Refund & Return Policy

Our refund and returns policy for return of the purchased items is 10 days. If 10 days have passed since your purchase, we will not offer you a full refund.

We shall be entitled to a processing fee of 2% calculated based on the purchase price of the products that you wish to return if your request for refund and return is not attributable to any fault on our part.

Please note that full refund or exchange is limited to the following products, i.e., Apple devices sold by us:

  • iPhone;
  • Macbook;
  • Apple Watch;
  • iPad; and
  • Airpods.

The general requirements for returns are as follows:

  • We require the receipt or proof of purchase of the item; and
  • Your item must be in the same condition as when you received it, with the 3cat seal still intact.

If you meet all the requirements above and you wish to proceed with the return, please have your receipt or proof of purchase ready and simply visit the relevant retail stores or contact our customer service team on WhatsApp. Please do not send your purchase back to the manufacturer.

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted:

  • Any item not in its original condition, is damaged or missing parts for reasons not caused by us.
  • Any item that is returned more than 10 days after delivery.
  • Any item where the 3cat seal is not intact.

Once your return is received and inspected by us, we will contact and notify you that we are in receipt of your returned item and whether your return and refund application is approved or rejected.

If your return application is approved, your refund will be processed. The company reserves the right, and the management retains the final authority, to amend any terms or conditions in this Policy at any time without prior notice.

Refund Options

For refunds, you have the option to obtain a refund of the item in-store or online. 

If you opt for an in-store refund, you may receive a direct cash/bank transfer when we have duly received the products returned to us in-store. For online refund, it will be processed within 10 to 20 working days and the manner of refund will be based on your original payment method. 

Please note that all refunds are applicable only to regular-priced items.

Late Or Missing Refunds

Once your refund is processed but you have not received a refund, please first check your bank account/digital wallet and subsequently contact your credit card company (for payment by way of credit card) or the card-issuing bank (for online banking). Please note that it may take some time for the refund to be processed by the bank before your refund is officially posted in your bank account/digital wallet.

If you have done all of the above and you still have not received your refund, please reach out to our customer service team on WhatsApp.

Shipping Returns

To return your item, you should mail your item to 3cat Plaza Low Yat at Lot UG-003, 003A & 003B, Plaza Low Yat, 7, Jalan Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Please provide us with the original receipt and pictures/videos before and after you package the item. Any damages made during the shipping will void this return and refund policy and we will not be liable for the damages caused.

You will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs for returning your item. We will not be responsible for the payment of the shipping costs and the shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund for the shipping costs to return item, this cost will be deducted from your refund.

Depending on the delivery area, the time it may take to deliver the exchanged item to reach you may vary.

If you are returning more expensive items, you may consider using a trackable courier service or purchasing package courier insurance. We do not guarantee that we will receive your returned item.

Need help?

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